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Society Golf is a website with a dedicated content management system built in to store golf society data. This data includes; events, images, leaderboards and noticeboards. You can also host up to as many as 150 members per society which means being part of a large group is not a problem as you can stay all in one account. It’s easy to learn and use so start your 35 day free trial now!

Why Society Golf?

At Society Golf we have great features why you should use us. Our content management system is simple, easy and made for people who aren’t confident with technology. All sorts of individuals can use our site where ever and when ever you want as we have a fully responsive site for all devices. We also use the latest web coding techniques to make all confidential data secure whenever using Society Golf as well as boasting individual logins for every member of your golf society. Along with those we are a growing platform and will be adding more in due course, but below displays what we offer right now for your society needs.

What do we offer?

  • A unique web space for your society
  • Ability to maintain all parts of your society easily and pain free.
  • List and view events easily
  • Email updates from admin to the players straight from events
  • Individual logins for every player to represent themselves when using the site
  • Pay for events using our PayPal built-in system for convenience
  • Noticeboard to see what is going on in your society
  • Image gallery to keep hold of all your society memories
  • View and use on all platforms; phones, tablets and laptops/pc's
  • LIVE leaderboard so you dont need to order the results input, the hard work is done for you

Red Package

35 day trial


Green Package

Up to 24 players


Blue Package

Up to 75 players


Platinum Package

Up to 150 players

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