Frequently Asked Questions

How do I delete my account?

To delete your account you simply need to email us at with your correct details. Once received allow up to 72 hours for it take effect. Please note all memberships cancelled within your 12 month time frame will not receive any refunds.

How do I add members to my society?

To add members log in to your account and select 'Dashboard' from either the dropdown menu or on the home screen to proceed to your home dashboard. Once you are on your home dashboard select 'Admin Section' to unlock features which 'Players Section' does not feature. When 'Admin Section' is selected you will find 'Manage Members' in either the dropdown menu or the left hand sidebar. Once there you can simply add all the relevant details of the individual(s) and select 'Add' to send an email to all parties where each individual can confirm via email to be assigned to your created society.

How can I upgrade my package?

Each package comes with a limited number of users. To upgrade your package you must be an 'Admin' user within your society. Select 'Admin Section' to proceed into the admin area. Once in the section select 'Society Settings' which can be located either within the dropdown menu or on the left hand sidebar. Once selected you will see your current package that you purchased with us. Click 'Upgrade' and follow the on screen instructions to choose a different package that you wish to purchase.

**Please note that when upgrading your new package it overrides your existing package and creates a new 12 month subscription using your selection from the time of purchase**

Do we comply with the GDPR guidelines?

Yes. We follow the guidelines strictly and want every user and society to know we will never use your information for any other purpose other than for this websites database for you to enjoy our service. All data submitted to Society Golf is encrypted and kept safe. If any user or society feel they don't Society Golf to hold their data then please get in touch via email at and we will be happy to help.

What do I get for my money?

Here at Society Golf we want to offer a fantastic online product for many people to use seamlessly with out any complications. With each subscription you get a highly secure database to store all of your information relating to your golf events. Within our site we have great ways to help organise and interact with your society and members. We are a mobile friendly site because we know when playing golf you can be on the go a lot so making the site work well on mobile or tablet was highest priority when developing this site.

How do I change my associated PayPal account for payments?

To change your PayPal account to someones else's account is very easy and quick. Log into your societies account as an admin user. If you aren't an admin then advise someone who is to give you access or have them do this task for you. On mobile go to the dropdown menu or if on desktop go to the top bar with your societies name and click or tap. When activated find 'Account Settings' and find your linked PayPal account link. Simply delete your previous link and put in your new one hit 'Save' and its done!

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