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What is Society Golf?

Society Golf is an online database where individuals and groups can store various data inputs to do with their golf society. It stores a variety of data and media to enable groups to stay in touch as well as keeping it simple and easy to use for everyone.

On Society Golf you create your own space for your golf society, you can then begin to expand your golf society by inviting them using our tools within your given dashboard and account. You can also add media to your account as well as fun notes to your noticeboard. Out of space? Simply upgrade and increase your group size so more people can enjoy your content.

Society Golf also shares various media content via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram keeping everyone up to date with golf related subjects. We are also a golf community bringing everyone together to stay together sharing various media content. On Facebook, Twitter and Instagram we try our best to keep everyone updated with golf related content what ever it is. Want to get involved? Simply tag us or send us your content and we will share it, creating enjoyment for everyone.

Our Story

Society Golf was designed with simplicity in mind. The usability throughout the site was paramount when developing this idea so person(s) of any age with or without computer knowledge would be able to navigate the site for use with their society. This website is brought to you by a small team based in the UK and we offer everyone the chance to get involved with its growth as we add new features and areas for everyone to enjoy.

This idea all started when the owner was fed up of finding good places to store relevant data for his golf society. So after searching and then deciding there wasn’t anything that lived up to expectations Society Golf was born. The idea had a tunnel vision of creating something easy to use for everyone and allowing people to connect easier than ever.

Mobile friendly vs PC was a big thing for our decision making also as our main focus was making the mobile version work seamlessly just like the PC version, as we know its easier for individuals to do most of the things on the move and away from the comfort of a PC so we went ahead and made sure this was the case.

The person behind the idea? A keen golfer and someone who wants to help his fellow golfers have something for them at the best possible price and and reliability for storing all things golf related whether it be for a group of friends, group of work colleagues or other.

Got any comments? We’d love to hear from you! Your comment could mean change and an even better experience so please let us know!

And finally thank you for using the website and being part of our ongoing project.

The Society Golf Team

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