How to Join

Whether you want to be in a society or run a society here on Society Golf its very easy to join us!

To open an account as a new society:

  • Go to the homepage from where ever you may be viewing from
  • Click or tap the 'Sign Up' button in top bar or in the dropdown menu
  • Fill in the information needed to set up a new society
  • Once completed click or tap the 'Register' button
  • This should take you to step 2 of 3 where you need to select the package size. The package is dependant on the amount of players within your society. As an example our 'Blue Package' offers you space for up to 75 players so you will have 74 places left when signup is completed
  • Select your needed package and proceed to the next step by tapping or clicking the 'Continue' button to advance to step 3
  • Fill in your card details providing the relevant data making sure they are YOURS and/or you have permission to use them
  • When completed click or tap the 'Accept & Pay' button which then takes you to a page where we offer a fantastic addition to our site.
  • Once you have completed the payment you will be asked whether or not you would like to use a free service provided to you by PayPal called This service has the ability to receive payments from friends and family completely free making it easy to track payments using a safe money transfer system. If you would like to use it then setup a free account, copy the website address of your user account (e.g. and paste it into the box provided on Society Golf. If you choose to not use it or would like to learn more then you can always add it at a later date.

To join an existing society:

  • Ask any admin user within the society you wish to join to invite you using the form found in the 'Manage Members' section of their 'Admin Section'. If you are someone who needs access to the 'Admin' side of the society then select 'Yes' for the 'Admin' section.
  • An email will be sent to the email address given in the form to confirm the usage of that particular email address.
  • Once the email has been sent and you have invited to join the society please check your junk email as well as normal inbox as sometimes they may get filtered in different ways. Click the 'Confirm Email Address' link in which makes you a verified user and grants you access to the societies dashboard along with your fellow golfers.
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